Litefirst is a revolutionary new, high specification lighting system designed for use in domestic gardens. The units are low profile & energy efficient yet produce high quality and tailorable light with broad ground coverage. The flexible design means they can be used as uplighters, patio and wall mounted units.


The system will be available initially as a starter pack that includes; 4 lamps, stands with spike, system cabling and a driver.


As a modular system, extra lights can be added through an expansion pack (in sets of 2) which plug into the end socket. In total up to 16 lamps can be used over a 60 metre length to provide maximum flexibility.


It is envisaged that the control of system power & brightness level will be via a dedicated smartphone app


The system will feature the ability to add wall mounting and patio mounting units

MD of Litefirst, Keith Watkins was looking for an efficient way of lighting his own garden with minimum glare and maximum light utilisation to create an extension to his living space. Being unable to find a solution anywhere in the marketplace and with over 10 years’ experience in designing for the architectural and retail lighting industry, he decided to develop his own system and Litefirst was born!

About Our Product

Bright lighting using low power

Each light uses the latest lighting grade LEDs, which fire the light downwards at a beam angle of 120° delivering uniform light spread over a wide area. As a result only 6 lamps are required to illuminate a standard garden of 10m x 10m, whilst consuming less than 15 Watts of energy. All lamp units are IP66 rated for maximum protection against the elements and include a 5-year warranty. For mechanical design, Litefirst approached Optima to design the enclosure to have a ‘high quality’ look and feel. In response, Optima created a modular light that utilised similar parts to create a range of flexible lighting options. This ensured the desired performance characteristics but reduced overall part count and tooling costs. “I’ve worked with Optima on the design of electronic enclosures. I wanted a company that could design a great looking product and be simple to manufacture. I’m now looking to get the design into production and can’t wait to see the product for sale” - Keith Watkins, MD of Litefirst

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